Bail Bonds PPC

The fastest way to grow your bail bonds company this month and start generating hundreds of calls directly to your phone.

What is PPC?

If you are a bail agent or part of a bail bonds marketing company, you should know about bail bonds PPC aka Paid Search or Google AdWords, and how it is the most cost-effective marketing channel. It can easily double or triple the amount of calls you receive per month, enabling you to write more bonds and make more money.

PPC is defined by Search Engine Land as "the process of gaining website or mobile traffic by purchasing ads on search engines" In regards to Bail Bonds PPC, this means the process of getting prospects to call your business by purchasing ads on Google. As you can see in the screenshot of Google's search results below, two bail bonds agencies are shown at the very top of the results. This is called PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising.

10 Reasons To Use PPC

1. Easy to start up as a bail bondsman

2. Instant visibility for your bail bonds agency

3. The most cost effective way and profitable way for a bail bondsman to grow their business

4. You can show ads only in your local area

5. You get in front of people who need bail immediately

6. You only pay when someone clicks on your phone number

7. Easy track conversions and phone calls

8. Get calls directly from people who need bail

9. Very affordable to hire an expert

10. Target people searching from a mobile phone


PPC for Bail Bondsman

With Google AdWords (pay-per-click, ppc) you are able to place your business and phone number at the top of the local search results for terms like "Bail Bonds" and "Bail Bondsman". You can also list place your business at the top of Google for things like "Bail Bonds New York" or "Bail Bondsman New York" to get in front of people in your local area who need bonds. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks onto your website or if they call your business phone directly. People are using the internet to find services more than ever, PPC allows bail bondsman to get in front of those searchers quickly and affordably. PPC or Google AdWords isn't the same thing as SEO. It gives your business the opportunity to immediately get listed on the top of Google's local search results, the only catch is that you have to pay for every click. Compared to the days of the Yellow Pages, PPC for bail bondsman is like being the only number listed in the phone book. The majority of people who are searching for a bail bondsman click a PPC advertisement at the top of the search engine results. Google says around 65% of people searching for a local bail bondsman are clicking on the PPC ads and not on an organic listing. Even if you are ranking first organically for the search like "Bail Bonds Los Angeles", your website will only be clicked 8.9% of the time for that search query. If bail bondsman aren't using PPC advertising, they are missing out of almost every single bail bond - even if they are ranking very well organically.

Local Bail Bonds PPC

Bail bonds companies are a difficult to market. Typically they are advertised through word of mouth or direct mail campaigns. More recently bail bonds agencies have looked to a digital marketing agency. A previously untapped market that allows you to instantly get in front of someone who needs a bond. The age of placing your number on bar coasters or sending snail mail are long gone. The most effective marketing strategy for bail bondsman is to set themselves up online and advertise digitally. This gives bail bondsman instant visibility. By using an experienced agency like BAIL BONDS ADVERTISING, we can get your business showing at the top of Google's search results in as little as a day. According to Google, 4 in 5 people conduct local searches on their smart phones. Anyone who is local and searching for a bail bondsman is going to click directly on the first bail bonds PPC advertisement, do you want it to be your bail bonds agency or you competitor's?

Call Only PPC

Google has recently released a new type of PPC campaign they labeled "Call-Only". This allows bail bonds agents to display ads only targeted to mobile phones with the goal of driving them to call you right from the Google search results. When the ad is clicked it doesn't take them straight to your website like other PPC campaigns. Google launches their phone application and inputs your business number into their smart phone. Meaning all they have to do is press "CALL" and they can be talking to you about a bond is 30 seconds or less. It is an extremely effective way to increase your calls into your business and increase the number of bonds you write.

Monthly Reporting

Bail Bonds Advertising is 100% transparent in reporting conversions and results. We send (at least) monthly reporting data on how many calls we generated, what cost, and how we will continue to improve.

Ongoing Optimization

The key to a successful AdWords account is ongoing optimization. We monitor and optimize our accounts daily. Constant A/B testing allows us to improve the account performance month over month.

Free Account Setup

Unlike other agencies or freelancers, we offer completely free account setup. We will conduct in-depth keyword research in your local area to determine the most profitable keywords.