Bail Bonds Web Design

Getting a website for your bail bonds agency is the first step in bringing your business online. Without one,  your loyal clients aren't able to find your business information or phone number.

Bail Bond Marketing Websites

Before you can advertise effectively online, you must have an up to date website. Your website is often the first thing someone will visit before calling you or your business. Creating a space on the internet where you can list your business and list your business number is the most important thing you could do as a bail bondsman. When someone needs to be bailed out and they remember a bail agency or they get recommended an agency, they will search for your name or your business name. Without a website, they won't be able to find your number and information and you will lose bonds to competitors. If you don't show up when you search the name of your bail bonds business, your competitors are STEALING your bonds! 

why do bail bondsman need websites?

1. Allow people to find your business and your contact information.

2. Your website and SEO help you rank in the search engines to build a local presence.

3. Organic traffic is essentially free and get result in lots of incoming calls.

4. You are able to have specific pages for all the counties you serve.

5. Mobile optimized websites capture people who are searching for bail bonds and need them right away.

6. It shows potential clients that your business is legitimate and professional.

7. It is the only way you will be able to get repeat business from clients.

8. Having a website builds and reinforces your bail bonds agency and brand.

9. To market effectively online and through Google AdWords, you are required to have a website.

10. With a website for your bail bonds agency, you are able to demonstrate the unique benefits of using your business for a bail bond.

Having just a website isn't enough these days, your website has to also be responsive across devices. That means it has to display correctly across mobile, tablet, and desktop. If you website looks fine on a desktop computer, that doesn't necessarily mean it looks fine on a mobile device. Different screen sizes can throw your website out of frame and make it impossible for potential clients to navigate your website or get in contact with your bail bonds agency. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, more and more searches are happening on mobile devices. This is especially important for bail bondsman, consider the moment when someone finds out their loved one is in jail. Are they going home to power up their computer to find a local bail bondsman or are they going to pull out their smartphone and start searching right away? The answer is obvious to most people, but the majority of bail bond websites aren't designed this way. If you are using a free website builder chances are your website is not mobile friendly. If your website is displaying incorrectly on mobile devices, Google will penalize your website. Google can either penalize your rankings so that you display almost last in the search results or it can opt to remove your website entirely so that it never shows up in the search results - even for your agencies' name. If your website isn't showing up in the search results, that means someone else's website is. Which in turn means that you are losing out on bonds and money.

Affordable Pricing

Other agencies will charge you thousands of dollars a year to build you a basic website. At Bail Bonds Advertising, we specialize in building quality websites at affordable prices for bondsman across the United States.

Websites Built For SEO

Anyone can build you a website, but not everyone can build you a website optimized for SEO right out of the gate. When we create your custom website, we make sure that it is built to rank well in Google's search results.

Responsive Design

As more people search on mobile devices, you need to make sure your website displays correctly across all devices. To rank well in the Google search results, you must have a mobile responsive website design.